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Together, we can make a difference.

Help us change the conversation to attract, develop and engage the most promising women leaders.


In order to provide education, support and mentoring for women interested in the financial advisory role, we have set a goal to raise $1 million for a sustaining fund to fuel our efforts. Contributors and members of the Women’s Leadership Alliance not only have the opportunity to help talented professionals thrive in their financial services careers, but to become part of a network of esteemed industry leaders, all committed to making an impact in our industry. We are confident that with your partnership and the support of our peers, we can make a real difference and elevate the service provided for our diverse clientele.


As a nonprofit, our mission is to introduce more women to a profession we’re proud to be associated with.


As a member of the Women’s Leadership Alliance, you will:


  • Work as part a collective group to positively impact our profession and increase the number of women financial advisors.
  • Help more women learn about financial services as a rewarding career and discipline.
  • Educate students in colleges and universities about the opportunities in the financial services industry, as well as its economic impact.
  • Motivate others from throughout the financial advisory profession to support women entering the business, and contribute to and become involved in the mission of the WLA.