Together, we can make a difference.

Help us change the conversation to attract, develop and engage the most promising women leaders.

The Women’s Leadership Alliance is committed to developing new opportunities for both existing women advisors and other professionals interested in the industry, and soon we’ll need volunteers to help us with our programs.


  1. Volunteer to be a contact for college age or mid-career changing women who need someone inside the profession to answer their questions or even provide a shadowing opportunity. These women are learning more about financial advising at MyAdvisorPath.com and we would ideally like to connect each with a woman in her region. Say “Yes!” to this by emailing Stephanie below.
  2. The WLA board is building out subcommittees to develop new programs and help recruit more women to the field. We’d love for you to help! Just email Stephanie and tell her you’re interested in serving.
  3. To help you spread the word about financial advising close to home, we’ve designed a Ted Talk-style speech with a PowerPoint deck to match. Click here for our ready-made presentation and then take it and inspire in your own community.


Search back here in the future for more opportunities to volunteer virtually or in your community. In the meantime, feel free to contact Stephanie Gularte for ways you can get involved with the WLA.


Stephanie Gularte, Executive Director
+(877) 668- 4952


Women’s Leadership Alliance

701 77th Ave N

PO Box #55186

Saint Petersburg, FL 33702-9998