WLA – University of Portland Sponsorship

We’d like to help you on your Path to becoming a CFP®


How did you hear about a career in financial planning? Was it from a mentor? A teacher? A friend? A career in financial planning offers can be rewarding, both emotionally and financially. You’ll need technical skills as well as the ability to build solid relationships with your future clients. The education you’re pursuing now is the foundation for what’s to come and we’d like to help you succeed.


About the WLA


For decades, the number of women in the financial advisory profession has hovered around 16%. The time has come to take a bigger piece of that pie. We truly believe a career path in this profession for women is one of the “best kept secrets” in the industry. The Women’s Leadership Alliance is dedicated to showing young women choosing a career, or mid-career women who are looking for a change that this profession can be a very rewarding option. The WLA was founded by a group of female advisors who have found success and fulfillment in the profession  and we hope you’ll follow in our footsteps.

Sponsorship Details

The WLA $1,840 sponsorship is designed to cover fees for 2 CFP® courses and books at the University of Portland.

Ready to Apply?


To be considered for this sponsorship, you’ll need to provide:

  1. Statement of financial need
  2. Proof of US Citizenship
  3. Minimum GPA of 3.0
  4. A 500-word essay answering the question, “Why do you want to be a financial advisor?”


All items must be submitted before your application will be reviewed. The WLA will review all applications and select one applicant per semester to receive the sponsorship.

The deadline for submission to be considered for the Fall semester sponsorship is Friday August 28, 2020.  The recipient will be notified via email no later than September 4, 2020.