Our frequently asked questions.

If you have a question, there’s a good chance we may have an answer ready for you below. If not, we welcome you to reach out to us or to discuss anything in greater detail. We thank you for your interest in the WLA.

How does the Women’s Leadership Alliance differ from the Raymond James Women’s Network?


The WLA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded by a group of highly accomplished senior level women financial advisors whose desire is to attract more women into the financial advisory profession. The group is striving to raise funds that it will use to research, evaluate, test and deliver programs that will make a significant industrywide impact on the WLA’s goal of increasing the number of women in the financial advisory profession.


The WLA intends to serve as a strategic partner with the Women’s Network to realize our shared objective of bringing more women into the financial advisory role.

How much are you trying to raise and what will you do with the funds?


Our goal is to raise $1 million for a sustaining fund to provide education, support and mentoring for women interested in the financial advisory role.

Exactly how do you intend to help women in this profession?


We intend to “change the conversation” surrounding women and the financial advisory profession. We want to be sure that female college students as well as women looking for a change of career are aware of the value they bring to the profession, and that a career in financial advising can be very rewarding for them.

Can men be part of this effort?


Absolutely! By becoming a supporter of the WLA, everyone can support our efforts by helping more women learn about financial services as a rewarding career, educate students in colleges and universities about the opportunities in the industry, and motivate others from throughout the profession to support women entering the financial advisory profession.

In addition, male advisors are encouraged to reach out to members of the WLA board to gain assistance in identifying and adding female advisors to their teams.