About WLA

The Women’s Leadership Alliance

About the Women’s Leadership Alliance


The Women’s Leadership Alliance (WLA) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded by a group of leading female financial planning professionals from around the country. The alliance seeks to attract more women into the financial planning industry and to provide impactful resources and empowering support to women financial planning professionals. We are dedicated to changing the conversation regarding women and the field of financial advisory services, and strive to significantly increase the ranks of women within this dynamic and meaningful profession.


A transformed financial advising industry in which women comprise an equitable representation at every level.


The Women’s Leadership Alliance is committed to attracting,  developing, and empowering women to build thriving and fulfilling financial advising careers


Empowerment – We believe that when women are empowered with access, opportunity, and support on the path to becoming financial advising professionals, they will not only succeed, they will thrive and they will lead.

Community  –  We seek to create an energized community of advisors, advocates, and allies who share an impassioned vision of an inclusive financial advising industry.

Diversity – We understand that progress includes expanded opportunity and that the financial services industry is made stronger, more sustainable, and more innovative when a more diverse financial advising community is serving the needs of our diverse population.

Collaboration – We are inspired to collaborate with advisors, industry partners, and advocates to pursue innovative and impactful programs to accelerate our collective efforts.  Progress has been too slow.  We can go further when we join forces and work together to create positive change.