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We have an exciting new way for you to help the WLA change the conversation regarding women and the financial advisory profession!  Our board has worked hard to craft a “Ted Talk” style presentation and accompanying speech outline designed to give you the tools you need to deliver the WLA message. Whether you stand in front of a room of other financial advisors to enlist help in our cause OR share what you know with women at the beginning of their career or at a mid-career job changing point, your voice can make a difference.


The “Ted Talk” covers:

  • The realities of the industry (16% of advisors are women)
  • The opportunities for women just starting out or making a mid-career change
  • The difference you can make


In addition to the PowerPoint and speech outline (which we encourage you to personalize with your own stories), we’ve also drafted a pre-made “pitch” email. Want one that you can customize? Click here and we will send it your way. Use it to request speaking spots at your local schools and organizations.


Career Changer Presentation

This speech is designed for audiences of any age. Whether you’re talking to a women’s professional organization or an FPA chapter wondering how they can get more women into the industry, download Presentation 1.0 and spread the word.

College Presentation

This speech is tailored to a young Millennial audience. The research and visuals of Presentation 2.0 were designed to connect with college-aged women who have already chosen a business track but may not yet know about the advantages of being an advisor.

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Find more ways to get involved in changing the conversation and useful links to get you on your way to a career in financial advising right here.


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