Together we can succeed in engaging and empowering more women in the financial advisory profession.

Tax-deductible donations may be made through any of the following:

Donate by credit card.

Make your contribution online through our secure donor tool:


Donate by check.

Make the check payable to Women’s Leadership Alliance and mail to:


Women’s Leadership Alliance

P.O. Box #55186

Saint Petersburg, FL  33702-9998

Donate cash, stock, or mutual funds held in a brokerage account.


For donations made from a non-Raymond James brokerage account, please reference:

DTC Eligible Securities: DTC# 5179 – Raymond James Trust, N.A.


For donations made from a Raymond James brokerage account: please download and complete the donation form and send to:


Stephanie Gularte

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 727-300-3171, ext.800

If you have questions or would like to discuss ways to contribute to the WLA, please contact Executive Director, Stephanie Gularte at [email protected]


The Women’s Leadership Alliance is a registered 501(c)(3), nonprofit organization.  EIN #81-3732234

WLA Founding Donors

Kalita Blessing                                                     Danielle Page

Kimberlee Bouska                                               Jodi Perry

Mary Carter                                                          Margaret Starner

Sally Law                                                               Sherri Stephens

Judith McGee                                                       Tracy Vaughn

Kathleen Miller


Bella Allaire                                                      Janice Henderson                          David Sisemore
Ellenore Baker                                                Lois James                                         Mark Smith
Tracy Belton                                                    Tom James                                         Sue Spellman
Paul Bennett                                                    Kim Jenson                                        Kate Kooman-Starkey
Sarah Boston                                                   Cady Johnson                                   Dawn Starks
Tori Boswell                                                    Melissa Joy                                         Bill Van Law
Ilona Box                                                           Sacha Millstone                               Jon Wax
Chris Butler                                                     Constance Miner                             Laura Webb
Bruce Cacho-Negrete                                    Kathy Muldoon                              Mike White
Vincent Campagnoli                                     Mary Owens                                     Lynne Wright
Shelly Church                                                 Frances Povloski                             Lara Yates
Scott Curtis                                                      Kristin Reid                                      Dennis Zank
Linette Dobbins                                             Paul Reilly
Mary Durie                                                     Traci Richmond
Tash Elwyn                                                     Susanna Robinson
Lynn Faust                                                      Alyssa Sanford
Lynn Phillips-Gaines                                   Colleen Schon                                                 
Pamela Grey                                                   Judy Singleton                                               



2023 Donors, Her Trailblazing Path: Judith McGee


Presenting Sponsor

The Starner Group of Raymond James, Margaret Starner, Scott Weindgarden, Bruce Cacho-Negrete


Leadership Sponsor

Raymond James, Andrea Masterson

Carl Stuart Investment Advisors

Mercer Advisors, Kalita Blessing


Partner Sponsor

Law & Associates, Janice Henderson

Stephens Wealth Management Group, Sherri Stephens

Carter Financial Management, Ellenore Baker and Kathy Muldoon


Friends of Judith

Addison Avenue Investment Services, Kimberlee Bouska

Anthem Advisors, Collen Schon

Beachside Wealth Advisors, Mary Carter

Birch Cove Group, Robert Bjork

Calamos Investments, Tim Meek

Tash Elwyn

Goldman Sachs Asset Management, Patrick Rooney

Webb Investment Services, Laura Webb



Andrea Cook                                       Daniel Boyce

Laura Webb                                         Brett Agnew

Tammy Hall                                          Danielle Page

Heidi King                                            Lanta Evans-Motte

Victoria Azpurua                                  Connie Webb

Anne Bedinger                                    Caroline Holt

Glenda Kemple                                    Jackie Schlup

Kim Waldman                                      JoAnne Galbraith

Kristie Strubeck                                    Melissa Joy

Connie Deianni                                    Melissa Dyer




 Circle of Support Donors, 2022 & 2023


Caroline Alabach

Tracy Alm

Ellenore Baker

Anne Bedinger

Tracy Belton

Shannon Bennett

Kalita Blessing

Kimberlee Bouska

Christopher Bulter

Fraley Carlton

Jill Carr

Mary Carter

Shelley Church

Melissa Dyer

Tash Elwyn

Lanta Evans-Motte

Maria Fraile

Pamela Grey

Stephanie Gularte

Beth Hrubala

Thomas A. & Mary James

Kim Jenson

Kelli Lanino

Melissa Lindsay-Lipkins

Judith McGee

Kathleen Miller

Danielle Page

Kelly Petrocella

Traci Richmond

Mark & Susanna Robinson

Amber Seale

Sue Spellman

Margaret Starner

Sherri Stephens

Kristie Strubeck

Carl Stuart

Stephen & Martha Sullivan

Laura Webb



*Please reach out to Tracy Christensen at [email protected] with any questions or concerns regarding contributions.