A Mentor Can Make all the Difference in Financial Planning

A Mentor Can Make all the Difference in Financial Planning


Mentors Matter

Mentors aren’t just for newbies. Ashley Warne, CFP® had been working as an advisor for more than six years when she was paired with Pamela Grey. “You can sort of hit a wall of productivity,” Ashley explains. “Having someone there, saying, ‘You can do this. You can go in there. You’re qualified!” is really wonderful.”

Confidence Game

 As the daughter of a longtime financial planner, Kate Starkey, CFP® grew up in the business. But even with her background, when Kate wanted to fine-tune her approach, she turned to Traci Richmond, CFP®, CDFA™, whose mother was also in wealth management. Says Kate, “Traci has instilled in me that I can do this and I will succeed.”

Coach, Role Model, Friend

Ashley notes that working with Pamela is like having “a really great emotional cheerleader in your corner, which I think is really needed in this business.” Kate adds, “Traci has been a great mentor for me. To be able to see what she’s accomplished and know that I’m a couple of steps behind her” inspires Kate every day.

The “Path” to Success

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