WLA Ambassadors

Together, we can make a difference.

Join a powerful community dedicated to empowering women in the financial advising profession.

The Ambassador Community is the WLA’s ambitious next step in building an empowered and diverse community of financial advisors, leaders, entrepreneurs, investors, educators, students, advocates and allies committed to advancing women in the financial advising profession through advocacy and engagement.


Our Ambassadors are a part of a growing network across the country.  Together, we are organizing and scaling our energy, resources, outreach, and support for women in the financial advising profession.  As a WLA Ambassador you will be a part of a powerful and empowered community making a difference in finally moving the needle in gender representation at all levels in the financial advising profession.


As a WLA Ambassador you will receive exclusive benefits along with opportunities to support advocacy efforts.  Ambassadors will benefit from their membership in a growing network of professionals in the exchange of ideas, resources, and tools while collectively helping to scale the reach of our vision to transform the financial advising industry to one in which women comprise an equitable representation at every level.


There is a place for everyone in the WLA Ambassador community who believes that attracting, supporting, and empowering women in the financial advising profession is good for women and good for our entire industry.

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Many thanks and a big welcome to WLA’s Founding Ambassadors!


Tracy Alm Jamey Hendricks Julie Pressnell
Ann Austin Dane Hiebert Traci Richmond
Victoria Azpurua Marla Hinman Madison Rivers
Ellenore Baker Jenny Hite Misty Robertson
Bethany Beebe Lizzette Inchaustegui Casey Sage
Natalie Berning Melissa Jones Iyanu Saka
Erin Bethge Melissa Joy Amanda Schneider
Kalita Blessing Heidi King Colleen A Schon
Kimberlee Bouska Kelli Lanino Jackie S. Daniels
Nicole Caringal Kjersten Lazar Beverly Shean
Jill Carr Nancy Leizman Kaylee Smith
Mary Carter Deborah LeMoine-Hickey Emily Smith
Katie Centofonti Veronica Logan Florence Smith
Tracy Christensen Nicole Louvar Margaret Starner
Lindsay Corneille JoAnn MacWilliams-Wolf Ariel Stein
Jackie Schlup Daniels Susie McEuen Sheryl Stephens
Solitaire Dasher Judith McGee Markus Strauss
Constance Deianni Kasha McLemore Lindsey Stuart
Mariah Faith Doyle Kristina M Meyers Kristy Sullivan
Melissa Dyer Kathleen Miller Tatiana Sunik
Lori Endicott Megan Miller Katie Tyrrell
Lanta Evans-Motte Janet Moses Vanja Vermezovic
Maria Fraile Brooke Nelson Tanya Wandoff
Dr. Pamela Grey Maya Nelson Michael Wang
Jill Griffith Jennifer Napper Sasha Watson
Fara Grim Leslie Nettles Laura A Webb
Paola Gonnet Gretchen Olsen Rhonda Weinman
Alea Groshek Danielle Page MaryAnn White
Stephanie Gularte Laura Pedroncelli
Cydney Gutridge Kimberly Phelps
Janice L Henderson Frances Povloski