Ellenore Knight Baker

Vice President

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My mother was a trendsetter. She got her PPE at Oxford University before there were Rhodes Scholars and was a stockbroker before women were really allowed to be in those spaces. She went out and grabbed life and just said, “I’m going to go do these things.” She was a very powerful influence on my life.


I want to share that influence and that strength with young women and encourage them to consider a career in financial planning. In fact, it’s crucial that they do, so more women are represented in this industry. We bring an empathy to the table that’s important for helping people through some major changes in their lives.


I want women to know that they can do this job, and they can be there for their families at the same time.


That’s a balancing act I learned over many years. I started as a floor trader for Goldman Sachs on the New York Options Exchange, the New York Mercantile Exchange and the International Petroleum Exchange. After working as a natural gas trader and hedging strategist in San Antonio, I made a dramatic change and became a Full-Time Mom for about 15 years to raise my children, Graham and Cate.


But I never really stopped working. I needed a ‘sanity saver’ and I found that in volunteering. I worked a lot with my church, the Greenhill School, the Junior League, and The Texas Women’s Foundation. I eventually decided it was time for me to know what I didn’t know, so I got my CFPÒ license and eventually joined Carter Financial.


The beauty of this industry for women, is the flexibility. In fact, before I left the workforce to be a full-time mom, a friend of mine suggested I get into financial planning so I could stay in the workforce while raising my kids. It took me about 15 years to come around to the idea, but it turned out that she was right, and it’s been the best decision.


I think we need to do a better job of making sure young women know that flexibility is possible. You can do a financial plan at 11 O’clock at night, or while you’re breastfeeding. It allows you to stay in the mix and not lose your sense of who you are.

I’m excited to help the Women’s Leadership Alliance raise funds so that we can increase outreach to women in colleges and high schools to introduce them to these opportunities.