Stephanie Gularte

Executive Director

Stephanie Gularte

I often think back to my high school chemistry class – where I struggled to understand some of the concepts. Chemistry was not my strong suit, but when something clicked, I did my best to help my classmates who were struggling. One day, my chemistry teacher (knowing very well the grades I was earning in his class) saw me helping a friend and said, “Wow, you really are inspired to help people, aren’t you?” At the time I didn’t yet know myself well enough to understand if that was even true. But today, I realize he saw something in me that was true.  Throughout my career, I’ve been drawn to opportunities to help, nurture, and empower others.


And that’s exactly what I plan to do in my role as Executive Director for the Women’s Leadership Alliance. I am in the position to both learn about the industry myself, while encouraging and empowering women to consider how their lives might be changed by a career in the financial advisory industry.


I bring over 20 years of leadership experience to WLA, working with both start-ups and established nonprofit organizations. I have a track-record of bringing people together through passionate engagement among board members and community stakeholders to build impactful nonprofit programs – programs that are sustainable for years to come. As a certified coach, a trainer with the Nonprofit Leadership Center of Tampa Bay and a Nonprofit CEO Circle facilitator, I’m passionate about empowering leaders and nonprofits to thrive.


I also mentor graduating MBA students through the University of Tampa, helping young professionals identify their goals, clarify their paths and energize their plans forward. I am committed to supporting the development of others – partnering with other leaders and community based organizations on civic planning projects on the west and east coasts.


While chemistry is still not my superpower, I know my experience in leadership and my commitment to empowering others will help the WLA continue to elevate women in this industry. I’m excited to be leading an organization founded by women who are not only highly successful in their fields, but who also share a passion for this profession and are committed to helping other women discover the possibilities available to them.


I want to see the WLA continue to grow and to expand our partnerships around the country in order to open more doors for women for many years to come.