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Corepoint is an employee engagement consultancy with business acumen that translates across many industries. Corepoint bridges the gap between existing leadership programs and greater possibilities for engagement by employees.


Our mission is focused on building customized employee engagement strategies to support leadership development, solid bench strength and the retention of valued employees.


We identify the needs of the mentee when designing a program which ultimately supports the goals and objectives of the organization. The value provided is in the institutional knowledge transfer that occurs between mentor and mentee when a customized program is implemented.


A thriving mentoring program is an investment in the future of any business. When you know that your employees are receiving the guidance and support they require you will also find increased employee engagement leading to improved productivity.


Creating a mentor program that will provide the organization with the best knowledge transfer, connectedness and enhanced productivity requires five important disciplines.  A mentor program is most effective when it is customized to the culture of an individual business.  Therefore, Corepoint does not engage in “off the shelf products” but engages in a holistic approach involving opinion leaders, the objectives as defined by the company and also includes important concepts that are specific to each company where we are engaged.


(1) Opinion Leader Engagement – We will engage your opinion leaders to identify to fully understand how the organization delivers employee engagement initiatives.


(2) Collaborative Program Development –Based on company structure, number of employees, identification of long and short range goals, we will develop the program that best meets the needs.


(3) Customized Training – We will customize training to include a variety of elements, most clients elect to include culture, mentor/mentee guidelines, expectations, best practices, tools and examples of how the mentor process works.  Training can be delivered by Corepoint or a client trainer (train the trainer option available).


(4) Meaningful Feedback – Once a month, touch base accountability is crucial to the success and longevity of the program.  We will craft a monthly feedback loop that will foster ongoing free-flowing feedback, accountability and reporting.


(5)  Key Measurements – Periodic measurement is an important component before, during and after the engagement of mentor and mentee.  Measurements can be customized and best practices are utilized.


To arrange a time to discuss mentor programs, executive coaching or schedule a speaker, please contact Corepoint at 801-913-3594 or .