Need a Mentor? These Female Financial Advisors Agree

Need a Mentor? These Female Financial Advisors Agree

A Wealth of Knowledge

In 2000, Dr. Pamela Grey of Jacksonville, Florida launched her financial advisory firm. Then, she explains, “A couple of years ago, when I had reached a point in the maturity of my practice, I just felt this calling to teach and give back.” That calling led her to become a mentor for the Women’s Leadership Alliance.

Build Your Tribe

 Linette Dobbins, CFP® is a firm believer in the power of mentoring. As she puts it, “I don’t think that anybody is successful all on their own. I was told one time to ‘build my tribe.’ So you need to build a tribe” of professionals you trust, adding, “It doesn’t matter if it’s in your industry or not.”

Doing Business Differently

Newsflash: we’re not men. Traci Richmond, CFP®, CDFA™ is living proof that financial planning is “a fabulous business for women.” Yet Traci acknowledges that the traditionally male field “doesn’t necessarily invite women. I think the whole ‘cold-calling, go for it, take risks’ kind of style isn’t always suitable for women. So I want to encourage them to stick with it.”

The “Path” to Success

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Michelle Danielson
[email protected]

Michelle brings nearly 20 years of experience in the financial services industry to the role of executive director of the WLA. She began her career at Northwestern Mutual Insurance, then joined Raymond James as a branch operations manager where she spent seven years overseeing the branch’s operations and compliance activity.