WLA Mentorship Helps Advisor Get Over “Imposter Syndrome”

WLA Mentorship Helps Advisor Get Over “Imposter Syndrome”

Financial Advisor Jill Griffith, AAMS® explains why the WLA Leadership Program made a difference in her career.

In 2015, I made a career change to join my uncle and business partner, Phil McAdams, in the financial services industry. Prior to joining his practice, I worked in a variety of roles in small businesses, including market research project management, human resources and sales/marketing. We joined Raymond James in 2017.

With a few years of experience under my belt, the WLA mentorship program provided the opportunity for me to connect with other women advisors to gain insight into best practices and to grow professionally. Connecting with my mentor, Janet Nichols, challenged me to push myself in new ways and helped me develop a road map for the future of my practice.

I learned a tremendous amount in this program but the most impactful thing I took away was understanding the value of my expertise. I learned not to shy away from setting fees, and that it is okay (and even important) to set account minimums in order to best serve my existing clients and attract clients that are a good fit for my practice.

Janet helped me begin to overcome my struggles with “imposter syndrome” that stem from being relatively new to the industry, as well as being one of only two women advisors in my branch at the time.


Through this program, I was also able to connect with various subject matter experts who openly shared their knowledge and expertise on topics I wanted to explore. I highly recommend this program to any women advisors who are considering it, whether you’re starting at square one or want to fine-tune your existing business to reach your goals. Connecting with other women in the field and building your network of supportive colleagues is invaluable.

Sharon Gottula
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